Three times Academy Award winning ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ based on a bestselling novel by Arthur Golden; tells the story of Natti Sayuri, a girl with fishing-village roots who became one of Japan’s most renowned geisha. Directed by Rob Marshall, who weaves the tale with poise; creating a depth to the environment and characters not often seen in contemporary .

Marshall’s desire to create a westernised romance, detracts from the film at times, with cultural inaccuracies caused by cast and design choices; such as the controversial decision to use Chinese actors for Japanese roles.

Oscar winning cinematographer Dion Beebe’s vibrant use of colour and geometry support and equal the artistic beauty of Japan’s geisha culture. Suzuka Ohgo’s performance in this landscape is one to be commended; the young Syuri’s struggle to escape Kyoto’s darker side pulls the audience in and sets a high standard to which the rest of the actors attain.

A must see for fans of the book, and for those just dipping their toes into the boundless pool of Japanese culture.