I’m currently working on a short about Night in Lewes, currently filtering through the rushes which is taking awhile as I have a lot of footage. I’m also writing out a short script to go alongside the footage, something I’ve not done before, meaning I will have to do some more research into how documentary are edited and pieced together – my knowledge of that specific process isn’t as good as I would like it to be.

The aim is to have the documentary finished as soon as possible; due to three things, firstly it’s almost Christmas and it’s a time when my focus has to move away from film and photography, and over to family and festivities; Secondly, I’m looking for another job to go alongside my current one, a second job will mean I can keep funding my film making; and thirdly I’m going back up to Yorkshire for a week, to visit my family at the end of December. I would like to use that rare time in Yorkshire to produce a new film, in an area of gorgeous settings.

Lastly and very quickly; I’ve decided to invest in Plus, this will allow me to have all of my films on one account. It means that some of my older film work will be offline for a while, but back up as soon as they’re re-uploaded.

Hope you are all having a lovely December,

– Roland