With 2014 behind me, I’m focusing on progressing as much as I can this year, my priority currently is finding another part time , or a full time job if I get the opportunity. Working as hard asĀ  I can be and reaching my potential is essential to me, and I think another job would let me get closer to that.

I’m also in the process of constructing a letter to be sent out to colleges for the youth film , the forum is something I have been working on and planning for a few months and so this will be important to it’s success. I will try to upload a copy to the website for posterity.

It’s funny how visual art can pop out at you from unexpected places, I was using snapchat to message a friend and managed to take this iPhone picture. The light from the streetlamps laid interesting shadows and I decided to fiddle about with the in GIMP and see what I could create from the base photograph.

– Roland