A fairly basic part of viewing hit me today. I’ve been watching two films a day, with the help of netflix, and have just finished watching ‘Robot and ’ (2012, ). I really enjoyed the film, and the last 20 minutes were brilliant, it was effectively a heist film but the big reveal was, the protagonist, Frank’s mind state.

I spoke to a few people straight after watching it, as I like to share films with people if I enjoyed them, a few suggested they’d be interested in watching it, and others said it sounded moderately boring from the synopsis. Fair enough, people have different tastes! However, it made me realise, often ‘boring’ films contain intricacies that an average audience can’t grasp, such as subtle acting, cinematography and audio. That’s why blockbusters are often action packed with plot pieces pushed into the forefront and made very clear, anybody can understand it, and that’s brilliant!

So perhaps the best films contain a mix of both subtlety and clarity, allowing all audiences to take something from the piece? Films such as those directed by (although I am not a huge fan) tend to contain a eccentric over arching plot, with subtle pieces underneath that film buffs and perhaps more empathetic people can enjoy.

I know this is fairly basic stuff, but it’s something I’ve perhaps taken for granted as my film choices often are pieces others find uninteresting. What I’m trying to learn is how to mix both artistic subtlety and grace alongside more Hollywood style clarity and entertainment into a film successfully, but I suppose that’s a longer journey than a few Google searches.

I’m trying to keep myself busy while waiting on my college application, so I have a few projects in the works, one being a comedy script, and two others being visual art pieces. The art pieces are both dependent on light, one of which is something I can plan out, but can’t execute until the longer hours of the summer. In the mean time my mum found some old camera footage she took of me and my sister when we were young, and I’m thinking about a few different ideas I have that could use the footage itself.

– Roland Spencer