I went on a treasure hunt to find a copy of this , made when I was 15/16. It was the time I got my hands on a camera, which my had lent me.

We filmed in my Dad’s new house which was completely gutted for renovation, as a setting to tell the story of a homeless boy. I worked on this film alongside another student at my school, and she was extremely keen on telling a story in reverse, as she had really liked the music video to Alt-J’s ‘Breezeblocks’. It was an odd way to film for me because I like to schedule my filming in chronological order to keep my mind focused on the story, but of course the big reveal this time would be at the beginning of shooting rather than the end, as we would reverse it all in post.

For my first DSLR film, I don’t think it turned out bad at all, the shooting isn’t too bad. We didn’t have a great idea of how exposure worked so there was a lot of effort put in post production to adjust the picture. Brandon’s acting work was, as always, brilliant and he really aided in making the film more believable than it would’ve been without him. He also features in one of my most recent films ‘ Eighteen’.

– Roland Spencer