By a total fluke, I was asked to as a runner on a in London while I had some time off from work, something I agreed to do with no hesitation.

I think the two days I spent on set made me think about a lot, I’ve been on sets before but not with so many people close to my age. I was still the youngest there, but the crew was comprised of a mixture of professional, semi-professional and people who were working for , rather than pay. This meant that a portion of the crew had either just left , or are currently attending. It was interesting hearing about how they had got into film, what types of film they enjoyed creating/watching, and where film making had led them so far. One of the reasons I love film is because it has a fairly unbiased bracket for who it attracts, which means you get to meet a variety of people who all have interesting stories to tell.

Obviously I learned a lot of practical film knowledge while on set; I’ve always found daunting and difficult, but working underneath the crew helped me understand how different lights where used, and how different gels/diffusers could aid a scene. This will hopefully mean that next time I create a film there will be less confusion about how I should set up my lights!