The past two months have been very busy. The things that are set in stone are that I’m going to study a degree in and Television at the of in October. I’m really excited about this, even if it wasn’t my original plan!

The film I’ve been creating over the past months has somewhat fallen through as it ended up being not what I had intended it to be originally, but I am still writing and creating. I have a showreel which I will post onto the site in the next few days, plus another which I am working on.

I wrote this script out a year or so ago, and sent it off with my application to CalArts. It wasn’t looked at, which is a shame, but I hope you can all enjoy reading it as it stands currently. The script is a project I would like to take up when I’m fully competent with film making, as I want to make it to it’s full potential.

The story explores a few different themes which I will do a full write up of at a later date, but for now, please enjoy it unhindered by my own intent.

– Roland Spencer