A is something I probably should have made a while ago, but was spurred on to create one more recently by my imagination, but not quite how you’d expect.

I was convinced that for my application process I would need to produce a 2 minute showreel for a specific interested in interviewing me, I often find more categorical tasks more time consuming and didn’t know how I wanted the showreel to feel.

So I spent a few days choosing shots, planning it out and editing the piece once I had found music to use. After I had finished this process I uploaded the showreel to Vimeo, this took a few tries as the upload system for Final Cut Pro can sometimes fail without explaining why, so you simply have to restart the process again.

The showreel was finally on Vimeo. Satisfied, I sat back and sifted through my emails to work out which University had requested a showreel. It turned out after 30 minutes of looking that none of the Universities had requested a showreel, I had imagined the request and convinced myself it was needed; having not bothered to check if it was truly the case. The good news is that I’m quite happy with the showreel and it meets up to the standards I would aim for, so here it is for you to enjoy.

– Roland Spencer