What do you fill your evening time with when you’re busy working during the ? For me it’s usually watching films, or writing. I recently bought a smart TV, which has allowed me to use Netflix on a big screen and made movie watching a lot more accessible. In a week I have watched Dallas Buyers Club, The Kings Speech, Escape from Alcatraz and many more.

My main focus for practice has been ‘ Day’ a silly pun me and my mum laughed about while out on a walk with our dogs. The pun developed into a fleshed out comedy sketch. I wouldn’t say the dialogue is anything revolutionary, but it has been enjoyable to take a basic premise and develop it into a which could end up being the basis for a project in the future.

Trial Day has also helped to remind me of why I originally became passionate about film, and that is the simplistic entertainment it can supply. I think my focus was purely on the artistic side of film and its nice to get back into something that’s more lighthearted and fun.

– Roland Spencer