‘Speaking through film’

Along with the new logo comes a new . I want to move away from a traditional formal headshot, and aimed for something slightly different. If a little pretentious, it still works and the film works as a way of being eye-catching. I noticed that traditional headshots use vertical and wanted to emphasise horizontal lines and the aspect of movement, standing out on websites such as LinkedIn.

I also feel as an artist it’s not necessarily as important to stick with suits and ties, and probably better to show a level of personality and thought in the photo, even if that means being more casual.

The photo itself is a play on words, ‘Roland Spencer – speaking through film’ I had originally liked the idea of covering my eyes as well but it’s an important part of the face to be able to see someones eyes, so I scrapped that idea. I have stuck with my usual monochrome as it pushes the shapes out of the image better and I think it holds up well.