A 2 month I started at the beginning of August has finally come to a close. I bought an old 1978 PX8-M from a reputable source in Brighton, it came in the state you see at the top, a class , typically used for long distance 1000km races, a perfect bike for University! The frame is designed to be extremely comfortable and the metal racks will fit pannier bags for my shopping.

The biggest challenge was redoing the frame, I had it sent out to a sandblasting company in Newhaven and had a raw steel finish lacquered over to protect from rust. Each metal item on the bike including nuts and bolts were derusted and polished using aluminium paste, I also rewired the brakes and gears and cleaned out the chain. New lights, new tyres, new seat, a large portion of parts were replaced as they were defunct, but I tried to stick with the original style as best I could and also keep the cost low.

I’m really happy with how it has turned out and have done a few long journeys with it already and have really enjoyed it. The project was hard work and took a long period of time to get finished but I’m satisfied with the results.

If you’ve acquired your own Peugeot PX8 and want any information on were to find decals/replacement parts contact me using the form on the homepage and I will do everything I can to help.

Roland Spencer