So, I was working on a new , and I suppose it didn’t go as planned – to cut a long story short our course got very busy and the contacts I had to get involved in the project had independent projects to focus on! Better luck next time I suppose.

I’m going to place the script up here so you can view the story, I was really excited to make it, but I’m going to focus on the next project instead! We have our short making coming up next term so we will have that to focus on, and I have been writing a lot of essays. I have been surprised by how much of our work on this course is theory, BSc makes it sound like the course in production would be more practical based and scientific but unfortunately it is not. Our ‘’ section culminates with a single science of film exam at the end of the year, and that is your only obligation in regards to the science of film and television.

Otherwise the course has been good, I was working with Jack Spring on this film and he has been an immense help, teaching me a lot about the film process and how to network. I believe he is moving to produce a feature film now and I wish him the best of luck.

Roland Spencer.