(Had to grab this photo on my phone so it’s fairly low quality, sorry!)


Apologies for not updating the blogĀ in so long, first term at the of York has been incredibly busy! I have been busy meeting new people, learning new things andĀ setting up a film social! I will hopefully be updating the site from here on out, perhaps not as often as I would like however – due to working on the course and on a new short film.

One of the most eye opening things so far has been using the TV Studios at Heslington East, before this course I knew nothing about what went on behind the scenes for TV production, but the degree at York has given me really good experience working with cameras and performing gallery jobs such as vision mixer and sound mixer.

We have worked beneath Patrick Titley who directed ‘’ and his knowledge and experience has made our practice in the studios feel very professional and worthwhile experiencing, even if I’m not yet convinced by work in the TV industry.

Roland Spencer.