I don’t want my holidays to be a time where I’m not working on . It has felt to me that to succeed in the industry I need to be using all of my spare time pushing my career forward as best I can.

The idea for my next film, ‘One Small Step’ came to me one day after finger walking my hand across a table. It seems really silly now, and the diagram I used to demonstrate the idea to Jack Spring seemed even sillier, but he actually really liked the idea, and so has put me in contact with some extremely talented people to get the film produced.

I’m really looking forward to working on this next short, but I’m aware there will be a lot of work involved in creating the sets and costumes! I’ve got a few creative minded people on board and I’m really excited to get to work with them to make this idea become a reality. I often worry that I can’t achieve films because I cannot pay people yet, but honestly the amount of kindness in the industry seems to make these films possible. I have come across so many people in the past year that are happy to get involved purely because of their passion for filmmaking, especially Jack, who help not for any immediate gain. I really appreciate it and I will make sure to return the favour.

Roland Spencer.