What happened and where have I been?

A lot has happened over the past few months, I’ve been extremely busy shooting a new while also moving house! I apologise for not posting in a while, my focus was entirely on getting this next finished. The work everyone on the art team put in the week before shoot was incredible.

Honestly it’s been one of the hardest pre-productions I’ve ever taken apart in. I was waking up at 9am and working straight til 11pm every day for a week trying to get props and sets finished.

We smashed it as a group and everything was done, so all the equipment and items were shipped off to Ben Porters office in York, where he had kindly lent us the space. Shooting lasted all day Saturday doing the various scenes from ‘Ms. ’ (as she was affectionately known) travelling the globe, and then on sunday we did the live-action shots with our actress on Heslington campus.

The shoots went swimmingly and everyone had a grand time, it was a joy to shoot and I had gone in with the intention just to do something fun after a year of sweat and toil.

Post- was a different matter entirely, passing the footage off to our sound designer who unfortunately disappeared only to reemerge a month and a half later, he had health issues which was absolutely fair reasoning, but I am now working on a new project and thus the passion for old film projects fades. By the time the first draft of the sound was finished I had little time left to focus on a prior project that was now in an unsatisfactory state.

I hope and believe that I will return to the project when I have time, but for now it is sitting in a folder on my desktop, here are a few images from the first day of shooting.

With thanks to Jack Spring for producing, and every single person who worked on set and off, it was an immense joy shooting and I aim to have it finish it as soon as I have fresh ears and eyes.

Roland Spencer.