Apologies for being away again, I’ve been plagued with my own health issues lately but thankfully it’s all fixed up now.

The shooting for went extremely well, we shot with actors Callum Brown and Aaron Ward who were both spectacular, it was a really enjoyable weekend and everyone on set was amazing.

This shot is of me and Aaron blocking through a scene outside a corner shop, he was amazing to work with and it felt like he was constantly aiming to achieve the best possible which made it a lot easier running through shots.

I’ve finished editing the and it is now in the hands of Recount Archives, sound design first draft should be done by mid December! I’m really excited to be working through this film as it feels like something to truly be proud of.

I’m back at university now as well, which means the work quickly piles up, I may not be posting for a while but I will be making it my mission to update more often once the winter break begins and my assessments are done.

Roland Spencer.