I’m working on a new ! For the course this time…

This term has consisted of putting a portfolio together to display a film idea that has developed through the past weeks, and it’s been reasonably enjoyable. I think just having come from shooting a film it felt somewhat difficult to come up with anything fresh, but I think I got there in the end!

“An introverted boy’s passion for building bicycles shelters him from the violent family life that has plagued his upbringing, but can his passion allow him to escape?”

The film aims to give the audience a view into the lives of someone who could live on their street. Doing this will allow the audience can question the behavioral impacts of isolation as a child, and why disturbed family life can force children to mature at a faster rate than their peers.

Rob Searle and Recount Archives are back on board again to help me with , which I’m really looking forward to. We will be using a Sony F3 and 552 sound mixers, which is a reasonable step up from the HPX-171’s from last year.

All in all it’s been a good term but I’m glad to be on a break, I am finding the practical and independent film work a lot more enjoyable and satisfying than sitting and writing essays for hours, I imagine most agree with the sentiment but it deserves to be said.

The featured photo was taken during the production of ‘One Small Step’ while I was directing a scene crew were watching intently.

Roland Spencer.