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The Mechanic: A Short Film

I’m working on a new film! For the course this time… This term has consisted of putting a portfolio together to display a film idea that has developed through the past weeks, and it’s been reasonably enjoyable. I think just having come from shooting a short film it felt somewhat difficult to come up with anything

Back Again: Nous Progress!

Apologies for being away again, I’ve been plagued with my own health issues lately but thankfully it’s all fixed up now. The shooting for Nous went extremely well, we shot with actors Callum Brown and Aaron Ward who were both spectacular, it was a really enjoyable weekend and everyone on set was amazing. This shot is

The Little Spoon: A Short Film

So our first short at the University of York is now finished and through post production. It’s an interesting little thing, considering everyone on the team had not used the equipment we were given before, it’s not bad at all. I feel like there’s a lot of polish needed and the story wasn’t immensely solid,